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Yashraj Chavhan

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, IISER TVM

I am an evolutionary biologist who is a fan of neat experiments and effective metaphors. I have wide-ranging interests in the evolution of asexual systems. Before joining IISER TVM, I was a Wenner-Gren Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr Peter Lind at Umeå University, where I developed a new research direction on the plasticity-driven evolution of macroscopic multicellularity. During this time, I also studied how mutational biases shape bacterial evolution. For my PhD under the guidance of Prof. Sutirth Dey at IISER Pune, I studied how the size of an asexual population influences its adaptive and maladaptive dynamics. Prior to my PhD, I pursued an Integrated Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology (IBB) in Pune.

Diya Elizabeth Shaji

MS dissertation student

BS-MS IISER TVM (2020 batch)

I am a final-year integrated BS-MS student from IISER TVM majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. My interests lie in understanding the pattern and process of evolution. The fields that fascinate me the most are experimental evolution, molecular ecology, and general theoretical aspects of evolution. As part of my master's thesis, I'll be doing experiments to better understand the origin, evolution, and dynamics of multicellularity. Besides science, I enjoy cooking, eating good food, and napping. 

Ajin V L

Summer project student

BS-MS IISER TVM (2023 batch)

I have been deeply interested in biology, especially in the fields of microbiology, evolutionary biology and immunology since my school days. I joined the IISER in 2023 with the aim of pursuing a good research career by learning as much as possible. Apart from my studies, I am interested in singing, reading, editing and drawing.

Meenakshy A S

Summer project student

BS-MS IISER TVM (2021 batch)

With a deep passion for exploration, I'm here to gather valuable experience that will enrich my journey ahead. Eager to collaborate, learn, and contribute to innovative projects within the lab environment, I also have a keen interest in art, particularly illustrations and painting. Additionally, I aspire to venture into the field of science communication through my art.

Gatikrushna Mishra


Summer project student

BS-MS IISER TVM (2021 batch)

We are very eager to work with with fellow Evolutionary Biology enthusiasts at many distinct levels (ranging from first-year college undergrads to established postdocs). Please contact Yash (the PI) if you would like to join the lab! Please do visit our Research page to see if your academic interests align with ours!


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